About Us

We all have a story to tell, this is how 40-sec's story began..


A picture is worth a thousand words, words to describe how I was feeling in this picture below would be happy, content, at peace and i'd even go as far as saying loving me for who God made me to be. But my life wasn't always this way.

In 2010, I started experiencing things I had never dealt with before. It wasn't until I saw a doctor that I finally confessed all the thoughts and feelings that had found their way into my mind. Feelings of deep sadness for no reason (depression), thoughts of harming myself and my children, as well as these attacks over my body (anxiety) that controled my life for many many years. 

I was put on so many different medications that my mind had become so clouded, I never knew if I was coming or going. The depression and anxiety was so intense, to this day I wouldn't recognize a picture of my own daughter as a baby.

This mental health condition robbed so many years of my life, and all the medication that was ever prescribed to me left me with a shocking result that I developed brain poisoning.

You can hear more about my story by clicking on the link below.


But now looking back, I am thankful for all the misery that I have ever encountered, because it's has given me the opportunity to help so many others who feel lost and alone just like I used to be. I can stand firm and without any shame, say "I am a suicide survivor, and you will be too!"

I began to look for different holistic alternatives to medicine because medicine in my opinion had nothing else to offer me and what I found was profoundly amazing and has radically changed my life for the better. I'll be honest, I still have days where anxiety tries to creep it's way into my mind, but one thing that i've discovered on my way to healing is my thoughts produce my attitudes but I hold the key and I have all the power to change my thinking.

Another way of thinking about this analogy is the attitude that you have in the wilderness determines how long you are going to stay there. 

Another discovery I made that has helped my family and I is the use of healing  crystals, stones and chakras.

I also cleaned up my diet. Not that it was horrible, but I never knew you could use food as medicine to heal so many things in the human body. So what did I do to clean up my diet? I entered into the world of vegan living- you can't get any more holistic than that- It was very interesting and disturbing once I began really learning what was in the food that you and I eat everyday and how it negatively effects your body and mind. 

Essential oils have also played their part in my healing process. Before switching to holistic healing, I didn't understand what all the hype was about when it came to essential oils. It's just fragrance, right? 

By making a few changes in my life, using healing crystals and chakras, eating a plant based diet and diffusing essential oils, I now live a life that includes absolutely no medication and I want to share this experience with the world!

I want those who are struggling to know that you are more than capable of beating depression and anxiety, and if someone like me can do it- you can most definately do it. 

It's funny how life works out sometimes, eventually all things work together for good. I was recently given the opportunity to share my story with a group of people called "The Sharks" 

They are helping me to acheive my dreams of helping more and more people along the way that are severly depressed and feel like they have nothing to live for. 

40-sec is now oporating as a non-proft and donates all of it's proceeds to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in order to fund suicide prevention research, support the loss survivors and educate along the way better ways to deal with someone who is in a crisis. They offer a 24 hour hotline by calling  1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.