Mindful breathing during a panic attack

Katrina Lomas

When you are experiencing a panic attack, you dread that overwhelming feeling of another attack coming, feeling like you have no power to stop it from happening and are forced to endure the attack until it passes.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Mindful breathing is a way to naturally relax, center and calm you in any circumstance or panic attack. 

Let’s begin -or- click below to visit this full article breathingexercise.html

1. Before you breath in, open your mouth and breath out! As if you are sighing because someone just told you something really annoying. 

2. Close your mouth and pause for a few seconds

3. With your mouth closed inhale through your nose while pushing your belly out.

4. Pause again. Hold that breath deep down in your lungs for 5 seconds.

5. Open your mouth. Exhale slowly through your mouth by pulling your belly in. 

6. Pause. Then repeat these steps again. 


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